NutriChem 2.0

The NutriChem 2.0 server is an extension of NutriChem 1.0 server. The current version contains data in two sections: "Food-Disease Associations" (including food-compound and food-disease associations) and "Drug-Food Interactons" (see below for details). NutriChem provides a foundation for understanding mechanistically the consequences of eating behaviors on health and therapeutic efforts.

The "Food-Disease Associations" section of NutriChem 2.0 is collection of data generated by text mining of 21 million MEDLINE abstracts, with information that links plant-based foods with their small molecule components and human disease phenotypes. It contains text-mined data for 18,478 pairs of 1,772 plant-based foods and 7,898 phytochemicals, and 6,242 pairs of 1,066 plant-based foods and 751 diseases. In addition, it includes predicted associations for 548 phytochemicals and 252 diseases.

The (New!) "Drug-Food Interactions" section of NutriChem 2.0 contains extensive information on interactions between drugs and plant-based foods identified through the shared protein targets between dietary molecules and drugs. Thus, it offers a global view of the associations between diet and drug targets, drug-metabolising enzymes, drug transporters and carriers currently deposited in DrugBank.

You are welcome to read the "Instructions" in order to get more information about the different search options and output formats.

Drug-Food Interactions: Instructions Food-Disease Associations: Instructions


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